Listed below are some of the ways Precision Paralegal can help you in Ontario & Alberta Small Claims Courts. Precision Paralegal understands that not everyone’s case or needs are the same which is why we can tailor our services to suit each individual client.  We can assist you with every step of the process or just a portion.

Are You Being Sued?
Have you been served with a Small Claims Court Claim?  You only have 20 calendar days to file a Defence.  What you say in your defence will effect the outcome.  We can make sure your Defence is worded appropriately in order to assist you in obtaining the most favourable results. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation.

Real Estate Disputes
Found your dream home? Or so you thought?  Have you taken possession of your new property and found issues with the electrical, plumbing, mold, or some other issue?  Have the appliances you purchased with the home been taken away? or changed out to a less desirable model?  These are just a few examples of areas we can assist you in making the situation right.

Have you recently sold your home and are now being accused of hiding a probem with the home? We can help you defend the matter.

Have you sold you home and the deal didn’t close?  Did you have to bridge your mortgage or suffer other unexpected expenses?  We can help!

Small Claims Court is often used by buyers and sellers to resolve these types of disputes.  Your real estate lawyer will not have the necessary experience to assist you in Small Claims Court. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation.

Unpaid Receivables
We have assisted Financial Institutions, Finance Companies, and individuals in recovering unpaid receivables & loans for the past 20 years.  Small Claims Court is your most effective and least expensive way of collecting your debts.  We can assist you with all aspects of the Small Claims Court process, and assist you in determining if Small Claims Court is the best way to collect your money.  There are many things to consider prior to starting that Small Claims Court claim. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation.

Contractor Disputes
Are you  a homeowner left with a mess by your contractor?  Are you a contractor who isn’t getting paid?  We have extensive Small Claims Court experience assisting both homeowners and contractors in their disputes. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation.

Broken Contracts
Did you have an agreement with a an individual or business and they have not fulfilled their obligations?  Has the other party cancelled the agreement and it caused you unnecessary expense?  We have extensive knowledge in Small Claims Court dealing with broken contracts. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation.

Neighbour Dispute
Having trouble with your neighbour?  Have they cut down a tree that was on your property?  Have they built a fence that doesn’t comply with the city by-laws, are they simply causing a nuisance.  Small Claims Court sees many of these types of disputes. We can help! Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation.

Insurance Subrogation
We have 20 years of experience assisting insurers with their subrogated claims in Small Claims Court.  Whether the Small Claims Court matter is related to uninsured motorists or property damage, we have the knowledge and experience to help. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation.

Court Attendances
If you are in the middle of a Small Claims Court action and decide that you may want assistance in the courtroom, we can be retained for the sole purpose of attending the following types of hearings: Motions, Settlement Conferences, Terms of Payment Hearings, Assessment Hearings, Trials, and Garnishment Hearings.  Most attendances are charged on a flat rate basis except for trials.  Depending on the complexity of your matter, the fees may vary. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation.

Legal Documents
Because of our extensive experience in Small Claims Court matters, we can assist with as little or as much of the process as you require.  The most important part of any legal action is the pleadings (what you say in your claim or defence).  The way you word your claim or defence and the information and documentation you provide to the Small Claims Court and the opposing party at the outset can significantly increase your chances of success.  Properly preparing your Small Claims Court claim or defence is the most important part of the process.  We can assist you in making sure you include all the correct information and documents.

However, if you are in the middle of an action and need assistance in preparing a motion, procedural documents or affidavits, we can also assist you in that regard.  Most of these services are completed on a flat rate fee schedule so that you are aware what costs you will incur prior to retaining our services. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation.

Legal Correspondence/Demand Letters
Sometimes all our clients require is assistance in contacting a party to demand payment or replying to correspondence you received in connection with a legal matter.  It can be intimidating to prepare a response to a lawyer, paralegal or opposing party when you don’t know exactly what you should say or what information you should divulge.  We can assist you by preparing correspondence either on our letterhead, or assisting you with the wording for you to reply on your own.  Again, these services are provided on a flat fee basis.  Hiring us to assist in this type of correspondence can greatly reduce your need to go to Small Claims Court to resolve your disputes. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation.

Preparation and Commissioning of Affidavits
Affidavits in Small Claims Court can be difficult to prepare when you are unfamiliar with the legal process.  Let us help you prepare your affidavit to support your Small Claims Court motion, request for judgment, or for simply replying to the opposing party.  If you have already prepared your affidavit for Small Claims Court and simply need it commissioned, we will be happy to do so for a small fee. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation.

Legal Strategy & Research
Some of our clients are pretty confident that they can handle much of the Small Claims Court process on their own.  However, because of their lack of legal training they require assistance in how to navigate the situation.  Through fulsome interviews, a review of all the relevant documentation and facts and some legal research, we can provide you with the necessary tools to present your Small Claims Court case and give you the greatest chance of success.  Fees will vary depending on the complexity of your case and the information or assistance you are seeking.  Often fees will be based on an hourly rate for this process. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation.

Paralegal Placement
Are you having trouble finding a paralegal to work within your company to reduce your legal fees?  Do you know what questions to ask, and what credentials you need to look for?  We have extensive experience in hiring, training, and outsourcing paralegals.  For a small percentage of the negotiated salary, we can assist you in finding the perfect paralegal to work in-house at your company. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation.

Legal Workshops
Precision Paralegal has built workshops on the Small Claims Court Processes, How to Prepare for Court, Collecting After Judgment, and others.  Precision Paralegal has also tailored these workshops for companies who wish to provide their employees with additional training.  We will come directly to your company to provide these workshops.  Sometimes we hold community events to assist the public in navigating the Small Claims Court process.  Check out our events page or Contact us today for more details.

Process Serving
We are closely connected to a process serving firm that handles all of our serving needs.  Also, we have a network of process servers all over Canada to assist in serving your legal documents.  The rates offered are competitive and quotes can be provided prior to retaining our services. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation.

We have built relationships with several private investigators that provide skip tracing services.  Depending on whether you are looking for a party’s home address, employer or bank account, we can assist you in obtaining that information.  We will gather as much information as necessary from you, and we would require a copy of your claim or judgment in order to proceed.  These services are provided on a flat rate fee basis and you are only charged if the information you are looking for is obtained.  This is a no risk process. Contact us today to order your search.

Judgment Enforcement
You may have already received a judgment from the court and now need assistance in collecting your money.  This part of the process can be the most difficult, and the most rewarding.  Our clients retain us because our focus is ALWAYS on the recovery of your money and to do so in a timely and efficient manner.  We have a network of private investigators and other tools that can assist in locating assets (such as bank accounts, employers, and more) in order to help you recover your money.  Let us help you collect those funds. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation.

Repairs & Storage Liens (RSLA)
Is your car being held by your mechanic?  Are you disputing the invoice?  Do you have a client that won’t pay your storage bill or mechanics invoice?  We can assist in resolving the repair or storage dispute through Small Claims Court under the Repairs and Storage Liens Act (RSLA).  Proceeding under the RSLA can be complicated.  The strict proceedings process can also be confusing and overwhelming.  If not done properly you can lose the case, or prolong the matter.  We have extensive experience using Small Claims Court to resolve RSLA matters. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation.

Portfolio Management
Does your company have an in-house legal department? Are you suffering from high  staff turnover and low efficiency?  Do you have numerous legal files, but no recoveries?  Let us help you design your internal Legal Procedures and Processes in order to increase your efficiency and maintain control over your portfolio.  We have handled many high volume portfolios over the past 20 years, and have proven methods to streamline the process with a focus on recovering on your judgments.  Contact us to find out more on how we can assist your internal legal department on your Small Claims Court portfolio.